Know about the necessary Camping things


A camping person should own all the camping gears such as kitchen utensils, sleeping bags, tents and camping furniture’s and hammocks. Among that the hammocks are the interesting and the useful one. Its structure is like swing made of materials like cloth, fabric, rope, nets. It is usually made of more cloth layer or twine like materials or may be with thin threads within two points. It can be placed in either posts or trees in the outdoors for better experience to enjoy the nature and environment in either dawn or dusk. It is represented as the best thing for relaxation.

Usage of hammocks

There are variety of models are available in the hammocks. Some are made along with the mosquito protection nets and prevent us from us the bite of mosquitos.And even it has some pocket like holes to place something in the while taking a nap. Mostly it is made with thin materials which ease our lying during the day times. Some are made with artificial wood or metal support which even makes our work easier by not plotting the support manually to hang this. We also can make hammocks of our own with usage of our old clothes with a help of a wood or metals. Usually babies are made to lie in the mother’s sari hammocks. As per the traditional circumstances it is a practice which the people’s belief that it can good for the health and growth of the baby.

Hammock styles

Now days the popular hammock models are spreader bar, Mayan, Brazilian, Naval, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan, and hammocks for travel. Each one has different features and benefits. All the hammocks are made of different sizes, colors and patterns. The weights of the one person hammocks will be of range 250 – 350 lbs. Two to three person hammocks can bear about 400 – 600 lbs. or 180 – 270 kg. 3’/0.9 m to 14’/4.2 m wide and 6’/1.8m to 11’/3.3m height. The spreader type hammocks are used for casual use to ease ourselves in our garden. The various styles of hammocks differ by materials, purpose and by their construction.


Making of different hammocks

The cotton and nylon strings are used for the making of Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks. The capability of the hammocks will be depends on the number of strings and twines used. These two hammocks are comfortable for the users. The cotton strings are used to make the Brazilian hammocks which have more durability than the other types of strings. For the making of naval hammocks strong cotton and canvas are used. It is simple in its structure and its decorations. The Venezuelan hammocks are      made from Dacron and non-stretch lines. It is prevent to entry of water into the hammocks and also prevents from the bites from the invisible organisms. Travel hammocks are widely used one. Those are made by nylon parachute fabric and uses rip stop techniques to make them wiser. The maximum optimal angle to be stretched is around 30 degrees. Almost all the hammocks are laid in the diagonal position for the better support and stability. Hooks can be pointed in the trees to provide better stability to make the hammocks stronger to bear the weight.

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